J & J Cleaning has proudly served the Twin Cities area with cleaning services for the last two decades, and we’re ecstatic to continually work with our clients throughout Saint Paul. If you live here in the capital, we’d be happy to help you to keep your home or business clean. We offer a variety of services, including carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, air duct cleaning, and mattress cleaning services. With J & J Cleaning, you can rest assured that your surfaces and items have never been cleaner. Feel free to book an appointment for your upcoming cleaning service, or, if you’d like, you can continue reading to learn more about our individual services.

Carpet Cleaning

Your carpet can surely take a beating. With kiddoes, pups, and dirty feet, your carpet can transform from a plush, clean surface, to a dull, dingy surface in no time. Fortunately, you can count on our crew of expert cleaners to revitalize your carpet. We provide deep cleaning services that are designed to pull out deep-set odors, dander, and debris. Plus, we offer a variety of specialized services on top of our deep cleanings, including all of the following:

  • Spot stain removal
  • Carpet deodorizer
  • Carpet protection
  • Regular or interim carpet cleaning
  • Restorative cleaning

So, whether you need to have a few stains removed, or you need a deep clean that covers all of the carpet in your home, you can count on us. Take note, we provide carpet cleaning services for both residential and commercial spaces! You can read more about our carpet cleaning services.

Upholstery Cleaning

If you have upholstered items throughout your home or office that are looking a little lackluster, we can give them a thorough cleaning. We provide upholstery cleaning services for sofas, headboards, chairs, you name it. We also provide spot treatments for stains, so that your upholstery will look brand new, even if you’ve had a spill or two. Count on us to give your upholstery a deep, yet gentle cleaning so that you’re surrounded by comfort and cleanliness.

Feel free to learn more about our upholstery cleaning services.

Air Duct Cleaning

Your air ducts are responsible for bringing clean, comfortable air to the spaces in your home or building. That said, your air ducts aren’t impervious to dust and debris, even with adequate air filters installed in your HVAC units. Over time, your air ducts will collect dust particles that can hinder the air quality of your home, and these dust particles can be especially harmful for those of us who have allergies. Plus, if you have air ducts that are full of debris and dust, then your HVAC system may be rendered inefficient, which may mean uncomfortable temperatures, as well as a higher energy bill. Count on J & J Cleaning to give your air ducts a thorough cleaning, so that you can be sure to breathe the highest quality air.

You can read more about our air duct cleaning services.

Mattress Cleaning

Your mattress can harbor mold, mites, and bacteria, which isn’t just gross, it can be harmful. That’s why it’s so important to give your mattress a deep cleaning regularly. Cleaning your mattress will help to reduce those harmful agents that can live under your sheets, and it’ll leave your mattress feeling and smelling wonderful.

Feel free to learn more about our mattress cleaning services.

Trust J & J Cleaning Experts

Here at J & J Cleaning, it’s our business to ensure that your spaces are clean and comfortable. Count on us to clean your mattress, air ducts, upholstery, and carpeting. Again, we provide service for our neighbors throughout Saint Paul, and we work with both homeowners and business owners to clean their spaces. If you’re ready to get started, don’t hesitate to get a free quote for your upcoming cleaning project.