Residential Carpets

Do you have dirt and grime from the regular foot traffic in and out of your house? How about pet hair, odor, dander, or the occasional accident that you know has seeped its way into your carpet? How about that corner by your couch where you accidentally spilled that glass of wine?

You don’t need to be embarrassed by your carpets anymore! J & J Cleaning Experts provides professional carpet cleaning throughout the Twin Cities metro area. Not only do we specialize in regular maintenance cleanings for your carpets, we specialize in restoration cleaning as well. So, before you look into the expensive purchase of all new flooring, call the experts at J & J Cleaning and let us show you how we can enhance the look and feel of your floors. Feel free to schedule an appointment today!

We proudly offer:

  • Spot stain removal.
  • Carpet deodorizer.
  • Carpet protection.
  • Regular or interim carpet cleaning.
  • Deep cleans and restorative cleaning.

Commercial Carpets

Is the flooring in your workplace a little dull? Has it succumbed to the high volume of everyday traffic and movement?

Let our professional cleaning crew help you protect your investment by performing routine maintenance on your floors! We have flexible programs and schedules to meet your maintenance needs. Give us a call if you have any questions, and schedule your free on-site assessment today!